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Your Multi-Head series Partner

ADFast/AD Group, the global leading Multi-Head service provider, has been an innovator in the development and manufacturing of high-quality, high-performance  services in the industrial level area, automation markets and system integration. Since 1996, ADFast the member of the AD Group, specializes in the design and manufacture of PC-base Multi-Function adapter, Multi-Screen (Multi-Display, Multi-Monitor) video adapters to meet a variety of Multi-Head marketing, EasyServer 2000/XP/Linux, eSOP for Multi-Control,  fully integrated Industrial Computer,  Personal Computer, Panel wall, embedded system  product OEM/ODM and end user who want to establish their applications quickly.  And we want to be a professional supplier in Multi-Head series area.

A very wide range business professional including multi-user/multi-console, monitor wall, industrial automation, web designer, video editors, desktop publishers, library system, inquiry system, call-center, internet-cafe, financial trader, KIOSK and POS join with our solutions. And ADFast/AD Group promise to offer more reliability, stability and friendly for our customers.

Now ADFast/AD Group  has developed the most powerful and cost-effective products line include EasyServer, eSOP, ShowPro, PresentPro and EasyConsole solution for Real-time Multiple Control market successfully. We commit to help our user to save cost and get best service when using our product in their application environment. 

You Can Depend On Us Anytime

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