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What is the EasyServer 2000/XP/Linux?

EasyServer 2000/XP/Linux is the best choice to add more user for your PC. In another word, EasyServer system allow several people to share all the resource from ONE PC at the same time in Windows 2000/XP environment.
With our
EasyServer 2000/XP/Linux, each user can work simultaneously in the same or different software drivers and applications.

What does the EasyServer 2000/XP can?

EasyServer 2000/XP can work independently on all Microsoft Windows workplaces, as a stand-alone solution, Client/Server or Terminal Server environments. That is EasyServer 2000/XP/Linux can save H/W and S/W cost for your PC system.

What are the benefits for users?

1.To save the power, working space and system upgrade charge meet GREEN PC concept.
2.Very lower initial costs for the purchase of your customer.
3.Decreasing the purchasing and upgrading of hardware and software.
4.Easy to build a local server environment for many users just from
5.Lower cost for management and maintains.

What about the applications?

1.All the Office environment,  PC classroom or center and home user.
2.PC extension classes, government apparatus, PC preschool education and Internet user.
3.Multi-media education, multi-user for Internet browser and Email.
4.Inquiry system and Database system application environment
5.POS, DVR( Digital Video Record), Security, Surveillance and Control Center.
6.Imagine process and editing system.
7.Embedded system and Kiosk environment.
8.Thin-Client or Thin-Server solution


How about the ordering information ?

Our EasyServer offer full series product line for user selection. Please see the product LIST.