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Multi-Monitor, Multi-Video Adapter
Offer 24or8 channel independent display outputsupport VGAA/V or DVI interface
eSOP Multi-Control/Console system
One PC offer 4~25 workstationw/ special design package support WIN2000/XPLinux  environmenteasy to expand include remote control function (Typical application command center DVR manufacture and presentation system)
ESBC (Embedded Single Board PC)
All-in-one in a single board computersupport standard half-size PCI w/ PC-104+ interface
EasyServer(Multi-User System)
Easy to save the H/W and S/W cost, meet Green-PC concept. For WIN2000/XP or Linux up to 16 users in one PC( 16~64 user for OEM only)
LCD Panel
Include VGA or DVI interface signal
Embedded System
Small and embedded system very suit IAPOS or Kiosk applications
Video-in Capture Adapter
Offer 4 Video-in BNC connector in a single  board support multiple cards in one system
EasyAD System
Remote CLOUD-Video for advertisement system
ShowPro Package
Powerful software package for show room TV-wall or demo applications. Support different picture format
Multi-Monitor Desktop
We offer many different type, 3x1, 4x1 or 2x2 to expand the desktop for user OEM accepted
PresentPro Package
With this package user can easy to design professional presentation application very good solution for projector or multimedia
Multi-Display System
Support DOS, Windows and Linux applications, up to 128 monitors for DOS environment.